Microsoft Word - Document1 The City of Liberty is the County Seat for Clay County, Missouri. Clay County is one of the fastest growing counties in Missouri, and in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Much of the Clay County growth is taking place in the Liberty area encompassed by the Liberty School District.

The award winning school district, significant employment presence, character of the community, and master planned developments in cooperation with multiple municipalities is the kind of attributes and activities that make the area successful.


Microsoft Word - Document1Look what is going on now!

$730,000,000 in investments either completed on getting underway in just the last 3 years. (possible pie chart)

Commercial $100,000,000

Industrial/Manufacturing $310,000,000

Public Infrastructure $160,000,000

Healthcare $60,000,000


The Liberty Economic Development Corporation, formerly the Partnership for economic growth was established with the charge of helping the community grow and prosper.

The organization is guided by strategic principles;

  • Business Attraction: marketing the strengths of the Liberty area to attract new businesses
  • Business Retention and Expansion: a strong commitment to work with existing businesses in the Liberty Area to facilitate their growth
  • Strengthen and improve the organization and its presence with both internal and external stakeholders