Provide a transitioning Service Member the opportunity to gain valuable skills and move into a highly-skilled, high-demand job at no cost to you! Plus, you will gain early access to highly skilled Service Members as prospective employees before they enter the civilian workforce.

As an Employer you will be expected to:

  • Provide a course of study and performance requirements that Service Members will meet.
  • Teach job responsibilities, new skills, and practices specific to your business or industry with the intent of hiring the Service Member at the end of the program.
  • Keep daily attendance and hours worked for the Service Member and provide performance feedback to the CSP Coordinator each week. (Service Members should work no more than 40 hours in any work week.)

Contact Don Hutchings to find out how you can work with a transitioning Service Member.

Don Hutchings, Career Skills Program Coordinator
State of Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development,
15301 East 23rd Street S. Independence, MO 64055
(816) 521-5700 (3249) – Office (816) 805-1369 -Cell

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Ralph Boots, EDFP
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