Working together B&B Theater and the Liberty Economic Development Corporation hosted a hard hat construction tour of the new B&B Theatres Liberty 12 Cinema.  Quite a crowd came out to get a sneak peek  and see the theater like it will never be seen again. B&B offered popcorn and soda to everyone who attended. Bob and Bridget Bagby owners of B&B Theatres along with their children, Brittanie & Brock who are Vice Presidents of the company talked about some of the exciting concepts at the Liberty 12 Cinema. Dennis McIntire, Executive Director of Development and Construction talked about what goes into constructing such a large theater.

Two new concepts were announced at the tour. The theater will have a MX4D theater, and Liberty 12 Cinema will have a full restaurant named Johnnie’s with a cocktail bar and a stage for live Jazz music. You can enjoy dinner and drinks before your movie, and stick around after to talk about the movie while listening to live music. Please visit B&B’s Facebook page to find out more about MX4D Movies! B&B Liberty12 Cinema Facebook

Liberty 12 Cinema  is expected to open May 24th.

Special Thanks to LEDC Executive Board Member Dennis McIntire for setting up the tour. We will continue to offer events like this to our investors to keep you in the “know” about what’s happening in Liberty!



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Liberty Economic Development Corporation

Ralph Boots, EDFP
Executive Director